Due to the incredible amount of attention given to the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchises over the past decade, authentic dialogue about J.R.R Tolkien’s masterpieces has been shrouded by massive CGI effects and action-packed driven plots. The Real LOTR attempts to bring back authentic dialogue and discussion to his work. This blog is a dedication to not only Tolkien’s work, but to the work of his son, the thousands of fans who have produced incredible fan-fiction and illustrations, photographers, and all other artists who have dedicated a piece of their creative work to the world of Middle-Earth. I hope that this blog can be a space for all Tolkien enthusiasts to bring forth questions, commentary and dialogue about the vastness of Middle-Earth. The Real LOTR does not know all of the answers, and does not seek to determine an answer for all the complexities of Middle-Earth and its peoples, philosophies, and cultures. It’s time to explore Middle-Earth again, appreciate its incredible history, and contribute more to the imagination of this world. The Real LOTR will post  a hodge-podge of topics on Tolkien’s work, and will look to engage with Tolkien fans worldwide. Thank you and look forward to future discussions!